Animals seen in Ethiopia between March 1988 and December 1989.

(in brackets are the places where seen)


Hippopotamus (Didessa river)
Lion (20 km on the Arjo Rd. One lioness and 2 cubs)
Serval (Gibe river, Gambela road 40 km from Gambela and two sightings on Arjo road approximately same place as lion, see above)
Caracal (Metu Rd. 30 km from Bedele)
Golden cat (Near Gechi, at night)
Waterbuck (Arjo road, 30 km from Bedele)
Bushbuck (Didessa river, between Gechi and Bedele)
Civet cat (dead) (Entrance of Digofodedo between Metu and Gore
White tail mongoose (Bedele)
Egyptian mongoose (40 km from Bedele on Metu Rd)
Slender mongoose (Arjo Rd, 35 km from Bedele)
Black and white Colobus (Bedele)
Hamadryas baboon (Awash National Park)
Grivet monkey (Bedele, Wolkite)
Hyrax (5km from Bedele on Arjo Rd)
Side-striped jackal (Bedele, Gechi)
Blue monkey (Bedele)
Squirrel (5km from Bedele on Arjo Rd)
Patas monkey (Gambela on route to Fugnudo)
Porcupine (Arjo Rd. near Kerre Dellilo)
Oribi (Didessa river)
Common duiker (Bedele)


Crocodile (Didessa and Baro rivers)


Little grebe (Bedele, Jimma)
Pink-backed pelican (Jimma)
White-necked cormorant (Jimma)
Darter (Jimma)
African dwarf bittern (Gambela)
Cattle egret (Bedele, Gambela)
Great white egret (Bedele)
Yellow-billed egret (Gambela)
Grey heron (Bedele)
Black-headed heron (Gambela)
Goliath heron (Didessa river, Arjo Rd)
Purple heron (Gambela)
Hammerkop (Bedele, Gambela)
Abdim’s stork (Bedele)
Woolly necked stork (Bedele, Gambela)
Saddle bill stork (Metu Rd)
Marabou stork (Gambela)
Yellow billed stork (Gambela)
Sacred ibis (Jimma)
Wattled ibis (Bedele)
Hadada ibis (Bedele)
Egyptian goose (Bedele, Gambela)
African black duck (Bedele)
Yellow-billed duck (Bedele)
Hottentot teal (Bedele, Jimma, Gambela)
Black kite (Widespread)
Fish eagle (Jimma, Gambela)
Lammergeier (Fincha, Blue Nile gorge, Debre Zeit)
Hooded vulture (Gambela)
White backed vulture (Widespread)
Lappet faced vulture (Bedele)
Brown snake eagle (Bedele)
Bateleur (Bedele, Arjo Rd)
African harrier hawk (Gibe river between Nekempte and Ambo)
Dark chanting goshawk (Gambela)
Little sparrowhawk (Bedele)
African red-tailed buzzard (Gambela)
Augur buzzard (Bedele, Jimma)
Tawny eagle (Bedele)
Wahlberg eagle (Bedele)
Long crested eagle (Bedele)
Crowned eagle (Bedele)
*Peregrine falcon (Gambela)
Clapperton’s francolin (Metu Rd)
Harlequin quail (Bedele)
Stone partridge (Bedele, Arjo Rd)
Tufted guinea fowl (Bedele)
Wattled crane (Jimma)
Rouget’s rail (Bedele)
Black crake (Gambela)
Allen’s gallinule (Gambela)
African jacana (Gambela)
Common sandpiper (Bedele)
Stone curlew (Didessa river)
Egyptian plover (Gambela, Jimma)
White collared pigeon (Jimma, Ambo)
Speckled pigeon (Bedele)
Dusky turtle dove (Bedele)
Red-eyed dove (Bedele)
Mourning dove (Bedele)
Ring-necked dove (Bedele)
Laughing dove (Bedele)
Tambourine dove (Metu Rd)
Green spotted wood-dove (Gambela)
White-cheeked turaco (Bedele)
Green pigeon (Bedele)
Bruce’s green pigeon (Bedele)
Black and white cuckoo (Bedele)
Red chested cuckoo (Bedele)
Blue-headed coucal (Bedele)
Barn owl (Gambela)
Spotted eagle owl (Bedele, Gambela)
Verreaux’s eagle owl (Bedele)
Standard winged nightjar (Metu Rd)
Speckled mousebird (Bedele, Gambela)
Giant kingfisher (Didessa river)
Pied kingfisher (Didessa river)
Half-collared kingfisher (Bedele, Gambela)
Malachite kingfisher (Bedele)
Pigmy kingfisher (Bedele)
Woodland kingfisher (Didessa river)
Striped kingfisher (Arjo Rd)
Grey-headed kingfisher (Didessa river)
European bee-eater (Bedele)
Cinnamon-chested bee-eater (Metu Rd)
Little bee-eater (Bedele)
Carmine bee-eater (Gambela)
Blue breasted bee-eater (Bedele)
Red-throated bee-eater (Gambela)
Lilac breasted roller (Bedele)
Broad billed roller (Didessa river)
African hoopoe (Bedele)
Green wood hoopoe (Bedele)
Grey hornbill (Arjo Rd)
Crowned hornbill (Arjo Rd)
Silvery cheeked hornbill (Bedele, Arjo Rd, Jimma)
Abyssinian ground hornbill (Widespread)
Double toothed barbet (Gambela)
Black-billed barbet (Bedele)
Banded barbet (Bedele)
Yellow-fronted tinkerbird (Bedele)
Cardinal woodpecker (Bedele)
Grey woodpecker (Bedele)
Wire-tailed swallow (Bedele)
Striped swallow (Bedele)
Eastern black rough-wing swallow (Bedele)
Yellow wagtail (Didessa river)
Grey wagtail (Metu Rd)
African pied wagtail (Widespread)
Abyssinian long claw (Bedele)
White-vented bulbul (Widespread)
Black headed bushrike (Bedele)
Tropical boubou (Bedele)
Black headed gonolek (Gambela)
Fiscal (Bedele)
Abyssinian grey-backed fiscal (Bedele)
Red tailed chat (Metu Rd)
White winged cliff chat (Metu Rd)
Redstart (Gambela)
White winged scrub robin (Bedele)
Ruppell’s Robin chat (Bedele)
African thrush (Bedele, Gambela)
Olive thrush (Bedele)
Ground scraper thrush (Bedele)
White rumped babbler (Bedele)
Brown woodland warbler (Bedele)
Dusky flycatcher (Bedele)
Black flycatcher (Bedele)
Silverbird (Bedele)
Grey headed puff back flycatcher (Bedele)
Paradise flycatcher (Bedele. Many white phases seen)
Black tit (white winged) (Bedele)
White-backed black tit (Bedele)
Scarlet chested sunbird (Bedele, Gambela)
Variable sunbird (Bedele)
Copper sunbird (Arjo Rd)
Tacazze sunbird (Bedele)
Yellow white eye (Bedele)
Yellow rumped seedeater (Bedele)
African citril (Bedele)
Brown rumped seedeater (Widespread)
Pintail whydah (Bedele)
Paradise whydah (Bedele)
Broad-tailed paradise whydah (Bedele)
Indigo bird (Bedele)
Yellow-bellied waxbill (Jimma)
Common waxbill (Bedele)
African fire finch (Bedele)
Bronze mannikin (Bedele)
Black-headed weaver (Metu Rd)
Red-headed quelea (Arjo Rd)
Red-collared widowbird (Arjo Rd)
Fan-tailed widowbird (Gambela)
Red bishop (Bedele, Gambela)
Hartlaub’s bishop (Gambela)
Grey-headed sparrow (Bedele)
Red wing starling (Bedele)
Blue ear glossy starling (Bedele)
Violet-backed starling (Bedele, Arjo Rd)
Red-billed oxpecker (Bedele, Arjo Rd., Gambela)
Black-headed forest oriole (Bedele)
Fork-tailed drongo (Bedele)
Cape rook (Bedele)
Thick-billed raven (Widespread)
Common sandpiper (Didessa and Baro rivers)
Water dikkop (Didessa river)

*Not sure