The Title

The Bush Snob braving malaria and being a bush snug.

The Bush Snob braving malaria and being a bushsnug.

Up to a few years ago I was an undisputed hero on safari, much admired by my young children. This changed as they matured into the infamous teenagers and the most common comment became “Dad, do not criticize this or that”. This comment then evolved into  “Dad, you are such a snob!” Despite my arguments to the contrary the comments continued and evolved to “Dad, you are such a snob in the bush” to become “There goes the bush snob again”.

The common English dictionary defines a snob as “one who believes himself or herself to have superior tastes and is scornful of those with different tastes”.  I have finally come to accept this and, to act my part accordingly as I am sure was expected from me. So, when it came for me to find a title for the blog, my son suggested that “snob” should be part of it and I had to agree.

Finally, I had to make a decision on whether to use bush snob or bushsnob. The choice was finally settled when Ruth, a good and extremely polite friend, told me that the word “bushbaby” existed in the English language so she saw nothing wrong with bushsnob! Doing my best to ignore the implications of the remark on my mental age, I kept the one word name.

This being said, bear with my blog and me and make your own conclusions!

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