Christine, the booking wizard!

The booking office of the ...

The booking office of the Parks and Wildlife Management Authority in Harare.

More important than the right preparations, adequate bookings are the key to a successful safari. There is nothing worse than arriving at your favourite place and finding that you are double booked or that you “are not on our list”.

Worse still is dealing with a booking office with staff that just do a routine job and are completely indifferent to the client across the counter and their expectations. Unfortunately, this occurs more frequently than necessary, and even efficiency does not compensate for it.

Luckily, people booking at the office of the Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (PWMA) in Harare, Zimbabwe need not worry!

Christine is officially called a “Reservation Agent” but I would rename her as a “Reservation Friend”! With her team (Audrey, Peter and Catherin) she is always ready to assist and look -in the renowned large green accommodation books- for the place you wish, always with a smile, even when her telephone is constantly ringing and she is dealing with several issues at the same time.

This is the best campsite. I recommend it!

This is the best campsite. I recommend it!

She knows about the facilities offered, condition of the roads and best times to visit. She also acts as a guide, recommending the best places available and not hesitating to tell you their drawbacks and or advantages.

This is not too good...

This is not too good…

... a solution is found!

… a solution is found!

Married, a mother of two (boy of 28 and girl of 25) and recently a grandmother, Christina has been helping guests to get bookings to the wonderful places in Zimbabwe for the last 26 years. I would go as far as saying that she is the “face and voice” of the PWMA to the outside world.

Christine at work.

Christine at work.

Today I was there booking several places for both 2014 and 2015 and had a chance to enjoy her sense of humour and efficiency so I thought I would document my experience in the blog for all to know that here you will find a service like no other!

Thank you Christine and, please, do not scare me by talking about retirement again!

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