Spot the Beast 3

Spot the beast 3 1

Back from Hwange and Mana Pools National Parks where several interesting things happened that I will tell about in future posts. As we returned only yesterday afternoon, to gain time, I post this picture for you to find the creature. Not surprisingly my wife found it while packing up our tent in Mana Pools!

I took the picture in the bush by placing a handful of debris from the area it was found in a plastic box with the beast itself and then I let it go. When looking at it with friends yesterday evening, we had difficulties finding it but it is there, lurking somewhere!

Good luck and I will “reveal” it tomorrow. No prizes for the finders yet (until this blog attracts sufficient publicity that I start making money!!! Then it will be a different story…).

The Bushsnob



  1. No way to find it by myself! I had to wait for the solution… but what a fantastic creature! Very well spotted Mrs Bushsnob!!! I am puzzled by its look although it rings a bell somewhere in my neurones… a feeling of a known image, but I can’t say what it is either šŸ™‚


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