Spot the Beast 6 (Easy but beautiful!)

Spot the beast 6 no light

I know, this one is not too hard to spot…

As I am short of time, below I place all the pictures I took trying to show it as it is.

Spot the beast light on 1

lights in the dark

Light on dark

holding the beast


Whole insect cropped


It is a “Headlight Elater” (Pyrophorus noctilicus) of about 3.5 cm in length, a species of the “Click beetle” family that numbers over 9 thousand species worldwide!

It is locally known here as “Tucu-tucu” If upside down they snap a spine on the prosternum onto a corresponding notch on the mesosternum (very academic of me!), producing a violent “click” that makes the beetle jump in the air until it rights itself and is able to move off.


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