Muy Interesante! (Very Interesting!)

I am very pleased and proud as well as most grateful to the “Muy Interesante” publication of Spain that printed a spot on my blog in the Issue printed on 20 January 2016!

To María Victoria Gonzalez Rodríguez, Coordinadora de Contenidos y Comunidad, Coordinadora de Contenidos y Comunidad and
Redactora as well as other colleagues of the “Muy Interesante” printed magazine, many thanks!

blog note en Muy Interesante 20 Jan 2016

Muy only blog.jpg

Translation to English (by Bushsnob).

Julio de Castro, a veterinary parasitologist, former employee of the FAO of the United Nations and traveler, is the author of the blog He has lived many years in Africa and now from his retirement in Zimbabwe he has a lot of curious things on his blog, illustrated with nature photos that he himself takes during his excursions.

Among the reasons for having undertaken writing the blog, de Castro cites sharing his knowledge, acquired after many years of working and visiting places of Eastern and Southern Africa, and to know their landscapes, wild nature and people. No reader who likes to dig into these issues should miss this miscellany that brings together memories of past activities, business trips or fun and curious facts about various fields. As a sample it is worth mentioning two recent entries: a family trip to the Mozambique’s coast and a post on the custom of hippos’ group defecation.


NB. I can hear (some of) my friends and (both my) children saying “how typical of him” when referring to the end of the spot! Please do not pay any attention and keep reading the blog…


  1. Impresionante, nos hacemos mundialmente famosos en este blog!!!!
    Felicitaciones a la editora quien hace un trabajo muy minucioso.
    Bravo al trabajo de equipo.


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