Mutant moth – Advance

Eight months ago I published a post where I showed a picture of a moth that had the wings of different colour and I speculated that it was a kind of “alien” creature[1].


Then I mentioned that I would follow-up the issue with the “experts” but I am afraid I did not!

However, luckily, searching for information on Southern African moths and butterflies I stumbled upon a site that deals with the kind of anomaly I came across, though in a more colourful butterfly[2]. This gave me the first indication that I was probably dealing with gyandromorphism.

In entomology, a gynandromorph is an insect that contains both male and female features that in butterflies -moths in our case- can be seen physically (in their wings) because of their sexual dimorphism.[3]

This is as far as I has been able to go for the moment but the search continues.





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