Night visitor

A camera trap is now part of our safari gear as we find it really useful to unobtrusively  spot animals at camp and I have already published a few pictures and videos taken with it in the blog. It often reveals what animals that are around and then you can be prepared for their possible appearance and also for surprises as you will read below and in future posts.

This was the case while we stayed at Swimuwini rest camp at Gonarezhou National Park last August. A genet was detected by the camera trap moving near our bungalow.

It was relatively easy afterwards to find it moving about the camp and close to our bungalow in search of something to eat. As it was relatively tolerant of our presence, I took a few colour pictures later on.

DSCN0287 copy

DSCN0286 copy

All genet species are indigenous to Africa although the common genet was introduced in Europe long ago and it became established there. Related to cats they have a slender body, a rather long ringed tail, a pointed snout and partly retractile paws. Although they have shorter legs they are very agile and fast and they are at ease both on the ground and on trees. They are omnivorous and, apart from invertebrates and small vertebrates they feed on fruits and plants.

An interesting observation, again through a camera trap in the Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park in South Africa, showed a large spotted genet riding on the backs of both buffalo and rhino![1] So, next time I see any of these large mammals I will look for extraordinary riders apart from the usual oxpeckers!


[1]  See:  for some amazing pictures.



    1. No me acordaba de las fotos pero si de que había una geneta que entraba a comer dentro de la cabaña. Las miraremos para recordar viejos tiempos! Abrazo


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