What on earth?! (12)

Observation of “mechanical miracles” are not very frequent. I have already presented you with the 3-wheeled tractor seen at the Chaco Province in Argentina (https://bushsnob.com/2022/10/07/what-on-earth-1/).

A few years back I travelled to Tajikistan a few times to supervise a project dealing with the veterinary services of that country. The work included travel to the countryside to see the veterinary outposts but also many meetings, most of which took place in the capital Dushanbe, a nice and safe city.

I used to walk a lot along the beautifully treed avenues of Dushanbe, trying to observe and understand the culture of the place as it was my first time in a country of Central Asia. While in one of my walks in the evening, I heard a loud noise coming from an engine being revved, showing some firing issues.

Through blue smoke I saw the culprit, a lorry clearly used for carrying garbage that was being started and moving down the street. Soon the smoke cleared and I could better observe the situation.

The vehicle had its bonnet open! I stopped to watch and saw someone (a mechanic I imagine) working on its engine while the lorry moved down the road somehow as I do not think its driver could see where he was going!

Luckily for the other motorists, the moving repair did not go on for a very long while and soon the lorry stopped and more conventional mechanical work took place!

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