Spotted – 4

While walking in our Harare neighbourhood I spotted this discarded package that, on close inspection, was a HIV Test Kit.

It was a reminder that HIV is still a serious health challenge for humanity that, unfortunately, rarely appears in the headlines.

It is true that the disease situation has improved, particularly, when I recall the dramatic epidemic that ravaged Africa and Zambia (where we were) in the 90’s. Antiretroviral therapy and diagnostic kits have contributed to the control of the disease, reducing its transmission. While this is great, an undesirable spin-off is that the disease is less obvious and there is a risk that control measures are relaxed. In addition, the Covid-19 pandemic has monopolized our attention, making us less aware of HIV/AIDS.

We no longer see billboards on preventing HIV such as the “ABC of AIDS control” I saw in Gaborone [1] or this fight between warriors and an imaginary and “plurilegged” AIDS (SIDA in Portuguese) monster!

[1] It meant: A for “Abstain”, B for “Be faithful” and C for “Condomize”!