I smell a rat…

When “Bella”, our Jack Russell bitch, spent about three hours fixed on the generator, we knew that there was trouble in that area of the house.

IMG_5265 copy

We checked all around, including the firewood -my candidate- that was next to it without success. We did detect chewed bits of insulating sponge lining on the floor, though.

We decided to open up the generator and have a look.

We expected to find the damage to the sponge lining material but not what we found, a full nest that occuppied half of the free space inside the machine!

IMG_5273 copy

I must confess that I saw the nest builder often walking in front of me while seating in the veranda writing but I did not think that the beast would get inside the generator so I chose to share my life with it!

It clearly abused my hospitality and it paid for it as todaya trap was set by Stephen means that there is one less rat in Harare!

Spot the beast 11

dscn9951-copyI know, this is a difficult one. I give you a closer view below to see if you can spot it…

dscn9951-copy-3Still, all you can see are the two bush tracks joining , dust and trees? What about below?

dscn9951-copy-2You should be able to spot it but here it is:



A Three-banded lapwing (plover) sitting on its nest and quite well camouflaged. I will expand on this finding on a future post.