Verreaux’s Eagle Owl and Thick-billed Ravens

Looking for pictures of Giant Eagle Owls to illustrate the earlier post I found one I did not remember having! As usual it is bad! It was taken on film in a hurry and later scanned to an electronic file. It shows a raucous confrontation we witnessed while living at Bedele, Ethiopia in 1989. We recorded the event and only recently we published it in SCOPUS

The scan of the original article included explains what happened and it save me from re-writing it! Please note that the publication is reproduced with the kind permission of SCOPUS. (For easier reading, click on the pages and then again).

The only picture I have of the event. It is bad but it shows the action that took place!

Verreaux and ravens page 1 small

Verreaux and ravens page 2 small


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