Hippos from Hell: the videos

After posting “Hippos from Hell” I have now managed to upload all the videos that I took while the events narrated took place.

The videos follow the sequence of events narrated in the post with a short explanation of what you see in them.

Here they are:

A crocodile in full view can be seen approaching the drinking impala! It positions itself at its vantage point and then it disappears from the surface. The ambush is set and all that remains is to wait for new impalas to come or for the ones there to forget about it!

After catching an impala, the crocodile(s) resurfaced at point 2. The hippos moved in to wrestle the impala from them but failed. A crocodile is seen slipping through towards point 3.

After avoiding the hippos at point 2, the crocodiles regrouped at point 3 and started to go at the carcass. Almost immediately hippos came to the area of the commotion to try and get the impala. The hippo somehow chases the wrong crocodile and misses the one with the carcass that slips away, back to point 2.

A pair of male kudu watched on while the crocodile takes the impala back to point 2.

This video show the hippo going for the antelope at point 2. After this incident the hippo stole the carcass from the crocodiles at some point (not filmed) and this becomes apparent when the whole hippo community of about 16 animals is seen eating the impala!!! These videos complement the pictures of the Hippos from Hell post.

A similar situation was observed the following day when another impala was taken by the crocodiles.

While the crocodile and hippo drama was unfolding, this warthog was busy mud bathing and looking after his “mudtub”!!!

Nature does not stop…

Although the authors interpret the videos below as hippo attempts at “saving” other animals, I believe that they were, again, trying to snatch them from the crocodiles. Watch and judge!

Beware: they are strong!




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