Spot the beast 8

For the first three days after arriving to our farm in Salta we were housebound as it rained constantly. In addition, as we decided to come via Brasil, our trip got prolongued and we also needed some extra time to recover so it was not that bad.

So, the first day we had fair weather we went for a badly needed walk to stretch our legs and to explore how the place was in autumn as, when we left about 30 days ago, it was still rather warm with sunny spells. Our normal walk takes us along the entrance road for about eight to ten kilometres in total. We have three main objectives: (i) reaching the cell phone signal found at four kilometres away (longer when cloudy!), (ii) keeping fit and (iii) take in the beautiful natural surroundings, particularly when the mountains in the distance start getting dusted with snow.

This time the insect life had reduced markedly and we only met two butterflies compared with the thousands we spotted last month so the cold temperatures have stopped them almost completely. Against our expectations, we did not spot many birds either so we were getting a bit disappointed with the luck of animal life but, s,uddenly my wife, as usual, spotted the beast!

Although I am familiar with her sharp eyes I was, again, surprised and sure that the creature was not visible to a “normal” human being as it was immobile and very well hidden! But there it was! I present you with a picture of the general area where the beast is for you to, again, check your ability to spot it. Remember that you have an advantage over my wife as you know that there is something in there!

P1150875 copy

There is a creature in there, check carefully…

I imagine that you found it but, however, I present you with a few more pictures so that I leave you in no doubt about its identity! It was a large rattlesnake (Crotalus durissus terrificus) about 1.2 metres long and quite thick, about the circumference of my wrist. As, for self-preservation reasons I was unable to place anything close to the snake, you will have to believe me that it was a large snake.

P1150876 copy

There it is!

It was quite relaxed and only coiled up when I got closer to takes the pictures and video. Soon we left it to its dealings and continued our walk, a bit concerned over its safety as normally people kill snakes on sight and this one was sunning itself by the road. However, we trusted that it knew what to do and it will manage to continue with its life.


Since we first spotted the rattlesnake we have seen it every time we walked past it so we assume that this is its place. It seems to be doing fine for the time being and we hope that it will soon go into hibernation and away from the most dangerous animal of all…



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