Spot the beast 9

Two days ago the sun appeared at our farm in “El Gallinato” in Salta for the first time since we came, seventeen days ago! Luckily it was still sunny this morning when we left for Uruguay via the Argentinian Chaco. The temperature in the farm dropped and last night it reached 5°C, already too cold for me. However, as usual, at about midday we do have beautiful sunshine so we can walk around in the garden.

Taking advantage of the nice weather, we got busy outside as we have had only very short spells without rain earlier. It was at lunchtime that I spotted this beast. As you know, it is usually my wife that spots things in the bush and/or garden (in fact all over the place!).

However, this time she was focusing on gardening and telling our caretaker/gardener what to do and how with plants and trees so she was distracted. I took the opportunity to spot this particular beast sunning itself to the surprise of all, including the beast itself! After dancing around it in celebration, I took a few pictures. P1150982 copy

Here I zoom it in so that you can actually see it well:





P1150986 copy

I trust that you will agree with me that is a lovely frog. It was very sluggish under the sun with its eyes closed when I spotted it. I assume that I only beat my wife to finding it because of some law of physics that a green object interfered with her usually very sharp eyes of the same colour as I have already described before… Whatever the reason, this event enabled me to score some useful points on the game-spotting department and I am about to be selected as “green frog spotter” for the future!

As for its identity, this is also interesting, as I believe it to be the Waxy Monkey Frog Phyllomedusa sauvagi a frog that is reluctant to jump but rather walks like a monkey, hence his name! I am still reading about its distribution and other biological data and I will revert to you accordingly.

In the meantime, enjoy some more pictures of the frog that the bushsnob spotted alone!

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